Ohio Municipal Guide 2016-17 : IFC

At CARE, we’ve found that the poorest parts of the world are, invariably, places where women are still marginalized and not allowed a significant role. That’s why CARE today has embarked on a mission of global women’s empower-ment. To educate girls, and provide opportunities that will unleash the power women have to bring change to these areas. But often, we have to be creative in how we do that. Loki, who lives in a remote Ethiopian village, has big dreams. But she also has to tend her family’s herd of cattle and goats. If not, her family will suffer. She often walks 20 miles a day in search of water and grasslands. So rather than bring Loki to school, we bring school to Loki. We’re establishing schoolrooms in nomadic villages that offer flexible hours, and move as the village moves. Someday soon, girls like Loki will do remarkable things in Ethiopia. We’ll keep finding ways to open the doors. We’re trying to create a world where every person has the opportunity to realize their potential. Because, in the end, that’s the key to truly ending injustice and poverty. 1-800-521-CARE | www.care.org This space generously donated. Photo © Jason Sangster/CARE


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